A Family-Owned & Operated Company

About PRR

Our family-owned and operated business has been deeply rooted in Boyle Heights for decades. As your neighbor, we want you to know why we are here and what we do. 

The manufacturing and use of every day items creates industrial waste. Pacific Resource Recovery (PRR) keeps the community safe by protecting the environment from the negative impacts of industrial waste. 

Our Commitments

We are committed to safety, every day

We put the well-being of our employees and community first.

We are committed to responsibly and reliably servicing our customers

We treat our customer’s risk as if it is our own by providing solution-oriented waste management services.

Follow a drum of waste through our facility:

History of PRR and our Facility

Late 1920s -1930s
Late 1920s -1930s

1929: Our current location (3150 E. Pico Blvd), was built for the purposes of industrial manufacturing and hazardous materials warehousing. It’s first occupant was the paint manufacturing company ACME White Lead and Colorworks Company.

1930s: ACME was acquired by Sherwin Williams and the building became the Automotive Coatings Headquarters for Sherwin Williams.

1960s – 1970s
1960s – 1970s

1964: Bob Berg acquires Boyle Heights based solvent company Pacific Coast Lacquer.

1969: Bob Berg acquires Ellis Paint Company, an industrial and automotive paint and coatings manufacturing company.

1976: Bob Berg purchases the 3150 E. Pico Blvd building from Sherwin Williams and relocates the Ellis Paint and PCL manufacturing operations to this facility.

1978: Sandra Berg, Bob Berg’s eldest daughter, joins the family business.

1980s – 1990s
1980s – 1990s

1980: Bob Berg develops the revolutionary PCL system, offering customers a responsible way to manage the industrial waste that they generate.

1988: Ellis Paint hires Chemist and Vice President, Joseph Tashjian. (Tashjian would later be responsible for the formulation of Ellis’ most successful products over his 30 years of service with the company).

1991: Pacific Resource Recovery (PRR) was founded, with Sandra Berg as President and PRR formally authorized as a TSDF (Treatment, Storage, and Disposal facility). Sandra Berg is named President of The Berg Family of Companies.

2010 - 2020
2010 - 2020

2012: PRR successfully completes its permit renewal as a small treatment and small storage TSDF.

2017 – 2018: Ellis Paint Company is acquired by Axalta Coatings Systems (2017) and ends all manufacturing operations inside the PRR building.

2019: Jennifer Lahoda (3rd Generation Berg Family) and Veeken Tashjian (2nd Generation Tashjian Family) take the helm of PRR’s daily operations.


2021: Jennifer Lahoda and Veeken Tashjian named Co-Presidents of PRR

June 2022: PRR’s current part B permit is up for renewal. PRR has submitted their permit renewal application to DTSC and will be allowed to operate on their current permit until the new permit is granted.

PRR in the Community

Boyle Heights is a vibrant community, and we do everything we can to keep it that way.

We provide meaningful and well-paid jobs, responsibly remove industrial waste from our environment, and support organizations near and dear to our community.

We proudly support community organizations that uplift students and families, and those who encourage access to the arts and skills development.

5K Fun Run
Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce
Boyle Heights Technology Youth Center
CASA 0101
Center for Financial Empowerment
Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA
East Los Angeles Community Youth Center
Legacy LA
Mariachi Plaza Festival Foundation
Neighborhood Music School
Prom Dresses to Give
Puente Learning Center
Resurrection Catholic Church and School
Roosevelt High School Girls Basketball Team
LA Sparks Sponsorship

Team PRR

The stellar people on Team PRR have been and always will be the core of our business.

Dedicated Employees
(as of March 2022)
Average tenure of a PRR employee in years
Of our team has worked for PRR for 10 or more years
1 %
Collective years of service


Team PRR is growing and that means more quality, well-paying jobs in our community

PRR’s Core Values

We do the right thing—for our customers, for our employees, for our community and company. We take pride in our work, trust in our teammates and care about making a difference. Compliance is just the beginning; our daily actions demonstrates that we are committed to embodying the highest standards in every aspect of our business.

We care about the safety and well-being of our people as it’s the foundation of our success. That means treating our customers’ risk as if it is our own and engaging in our community as not just a business, but as neighbors. We actively build relationships and, in the process, deliver exceptional results.

We are committed to the growth of our people and our company. We foster a feedback rich environment that supports personal and professional development. We don’t shy away from challenges; instead, we take responsibility for our growth by continuously improving the way we think and work. Our values drive our growth.

We operate with transparency. We communicate to our team and to our community with honesty and respect. Remaining accountable is our upmost priority and welcome the opportunity to make any wrongs, right. We are a team and recognize that our success comes from trusting in our teamwork!

Meet PRR’s Leadership Team

Permit Renewal 101

The process of renewing a Part B permit with DTSC is detailed and thorough.

These are the major milestones of the permit renewal:

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